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REPAIR KIT - FOR ALL Fat Boy, Arcangelo (and S-Model) Pens

Hello Fat Boy Collector's! This Kit includes one improved (stronger) push button mechanism, one stronger stainless steel nose tip, one steel clip and one spring.

NOTE: If you are looking for "S-Model" Pen Repair Parts PLEASE type "Need S-Model Parts" in the Comments Section Box at the end of Checkout.

FREE SHIPPING! (select First-Class/Priority Mail... as shipping method)

Home Repair is Easy:

Replacing Push Button Mechansim - Just use a little piece of tape (preferably black electrical tape because it's stretchy) to grip the rear mechanism base on your current pen and unscrew it from the barrel. (counter clockwise) Next screw in the new mechanism (clockwise) and then use another piece of tape to grip the mechanism base so it's snug in the barrel. (then pull tape off) **NOTE ALL PENS SINCE - APRIL 1, 2006 have the improved (stronger) push button mechanism.

Replacing Nose Tip - Grip the nose tip and unscrew then screw in the new nose tip. **NOTE ALL PENS SINCE - APRIL 1, 2005 have the new stronger Stainless Steel Nose Tips. (The Stainless Steel Nose Tips are identifiable by the "USA" engraved on the side.)

Replacing Clip - Snap the Clip over the Barrel

Replacing Spring - Push small end of spring onto Parker Gel Style Refill First (it only works this way)

If you need assistance or are looking for higher quantities email me. If we can't repair the problem by email, I am happy to fix your pen. Mail your pen with a $15 Check that will cover All Repairs and shipping back to you via First Class Mail in a bubble pack envelope. (If you prefer a different shipping method then I'll have to quote you the additional return UPS Ground shipping cost after receiving the pen.)

Mail Pens with $15 Check To:

Michael's Pens LLC

1123 Miami Trail

Bremen, IN 46506


PLEASE gently press and depress the push button mechanism during normal use. (snapping or flicking the push button repeatedly over and over again damages the insides - thank you for your continued support!)

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