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FAT BOY ™ P.O.W. * M. I. A. Edition - Black - Rubber Grip - Parker Gel Med/Blk Ink

Mechanical Pencil Accessories

(Large Eraser & 12 Extra Leads)

The P.O.W. * M.I.A. Edition was inspired by a night visit to the Vietnam Wall Memorial in DC. Vendors by the Memorial shared with me the pain about our M.I.A.ís and still offer rows & rows of M.I.A. copper wrist bands, each with a manís life story attached. The total P.O.W. * M.I.A.ís from each war on the pen is an estimate, perhaps God only knows.

This Edition is dedicated to the remembrance of our P.O.W. & M.I.A.ís.

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