“Electrify your Writing with Michael’s Limited FatBoy TeslaCoil (tm) Edition!”

“TeslaCoil” (tm) Limited Edition Features:

- Mechanical Pencil Accessories (Large Eraser & 12 Extra Leads)

- 1st Limited Edition with a spring loaded, bolt-on clip, machined from a solid bar of aluminum. - Clips won’t pull off anymore!

- Barrel features tightly wound copper wire screwed down with stainless steel bolts simulating the windings found in electric motors.

- Only 288 Mechanical Pencils (0.7 mm or 0.5 mm) in Black or Silver will be available worldwide.

- 4-Piece Matched Number Sets Available on First Come Basis

- Manufacturing “Great American Made Gifts! in the heartland of America for over 5 Years.

HOME Maintenance Tips for Mechanical Pencil:

1) To refill lead, unscrew nose tip, take out pencil mechanism, remove black plunger top from the end & refill with 3 leads. Push plunger top so lead goes through tip before re-inserting pencil mechanism. (Sometimes a small piece of lead can be stuck inside the thin metal neck – unscrew the thin metal neck of mechanism and clear)

2) MAKE SURE THE PUSH BUTTON IS FULLY RETRACTED BEFORE inserting the pencil mechanism after refilling and screwing on the nose tip. (grip the loose push button and move it in & out to get it to fully retract before inserting the pencil mechanism and screwing on the nose tip.)

$195.00Pencil Mode?: 
Contact Information: MichaelsPensLLC@yahoo.com